Looking4Leadership is a project of Quad Cities Early Childhood Leadership, a partnership of early childhood professionals in eastern Iowa and western Illinois.

Funded by the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend, 'Quad Cities Early Childhood Leadership' is a bi-state partnership of Iowa and Illinois early childhood professionals and advocates.

We are a network of early childhood professionals in the Quad Cities region of eastern Iowa and western Illinois who come from a variety of backgrounds. We work in homes, child care centers, schools and organizations connected to education and families, and we want to recruit individuals who are committed to creating quality early childhood experiences. It's an investment not only in your future but also in the next generation and beyond.


Our Mission

Promote the early childhood field as an important "profession" that's critical in impacting the generations to come. Child care is often thought of as "just babysitting" while a host of research studies and other evidence demonstrate that strong early learning environments provide the foundations of success. Although early childhood is about kids, our focus is on adults, and on creating well-trained professionals committed to the field.

Encourage individuals to pursue a career in early childhood, a field with many opportunities for personal growth and professional advancement. It's often assumed that early childhood is a career that offers little advancement or compensation. In fact, there are many interesting and satisfying opportunities for those with a variety of background and experience. There's no straight path to pursue them so it may take some persistence and research. We hope to inspire you through the perspectives of the many professionals who do exemplary work in the field.

Motivate those in the field to further their education and leadership experiences. As this website grows, we hope those already in early childhood will take on new challenges for personal growth. We want to support your efforts to take on new and challenging leadership roles.



About this Website

Bringing it all together. We are pleased that you've found our wesbite, and hope you will check out the photos and backgrounds of the people in our Quad City region. Some have come to the early childhood field through a background in early education, and others have joined through a more circuitous route.

Getting perspectives from real people is priceless. If you have been wondering what it's really like in the field, check out real people with real stories (and videos), each with a unique and personal perspective.

In addition, we have created a list of websites for the many programs of study for early childhood and the huge array of support organizations. There is a program to fit your budget and circumstances. We have also included a list of the many acronyms that you may come across in your exploration of the early childhood field. It's limited to Illinois and Iowa, but it will help you in your research.

For questions, suggestions and information, please contact us.


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